I always have a couple quilt projects in the works - at various stages of completeness. When finally nearing the end of a quilt project, I run my machine down the last stretch of binding, trim off the thread, and gently place the quilt on the floor. I love that feeling of accomplishment at seeing a quilt completed. (Ack! I love quilting so much!)

This quilt in particular makes me so happy.

My niece - Betty - is turning one in a couple weeks. She lives an ocean away, but I get to see her stateside soon. I haven't made a quilt for Miss Betty yet, and I knew her first birthday was the perfect occasion.

But boy was this quilt work! I worked with teeny tiny two-inch squares that turned into triangles. And all had to meet up perfectly at the corners. (My seam ripper has gotten a good workout the last couple weeks.)

But the teeny tiny patchwork proved successful, I think. And little Betty will always know that her auntie loves her to pieces.

I know you're a baby and can't read this, but... Happy Birthday sweet girl.

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