Here is a non-exhaustive list of all the times one might send a greeting card:

holidays, anniversary, wedding, new baby, new house, bridal shower, graduation, baby shower, promotion, sickness, valentine's flirties, thank you for the gift, thank you for the meal, thank you for coming to my rescue, encouragement, yay for your engagement, dad's day, mom's day, I thought of you randomly and wanted you to know, and birthdays.

And sometimes the e-card just doesn't cut it.

So here are some cards that might say what you want to say just perfectly..

Yay! is my go-to sentiment for congrats cards. Printed on "natural" cardstock for that vintage-inspired look.

classic. and dignified. also natural-colored.

not just happy. beyond happy.  This is white cardstock... so are all the cards below.


What a nice way to say, "Good job!" or "Thanks!" or "I miss you!" or "You've been on my mind."

For when you don't know what else to say and "you have my sympathy" isn't working. This is a reminder that God will strengthen you for today and light up tomorrow.

For any of these cards (just $4! Yes! That's cheap!) visit the BirdsongNotes Etsy store.

Now go forth and greet away!