Are you sick of me talking about my awesome cousins, yet?

My cousin-friend, Mary, asked me to draw up a couple prints for her. Mary is another one of these people changing the world - passionate about social justice, a great listener, always encouraging... (I told you I have amazing cousins.)

She asked for Colossians 1:17 and Psalm 34:4.  These are verses I've read before but hadn't internalized real well. God used Mary to speak to me. I hope these verses speak to you, too.

I just love this verse now. God is our deliverer! Our DELIVERER! from ALL our fears! ALL of them - fear of not measuring up, fear of failing, fear of pain, fear of disappointing other, fear that God's going to take a good look at who we really are and say, "hmm... not you... you're too much work."

God has delivered us from all that. Thank you, Jesus.