Did you ever have it when you make a friend and think that person is so super cool that it's hard to believe she wants to be friends with you? I have that sometimes. When I was in college, I met Brittany when she started dating my friend Josh - who I also thought was so super cool. They made the perfect couple. They were hipster, but not intimidatingly so (like you could still bring them to a restaurant without them asking if the free-range chicken on the menu had a name.) They were always up for hanging out, but still knew when to hit the books with you in the library. They were nicer than nice, and always seemed to be the most positive people in the room.

Seriously super cool people. You can see why everyone wanted to be their friends, right?

After college, they got married. Moved south. Started jobs and law school. Stayed awesome (even if they didn't stay near me.)

And now they are having a baby.

Not this baby... this baby's mine. But the quilt will be theirs.

Not this baby... this baby's mine. But the quilt will be theirs.

And guess who decided that new baby needed a new quilt? So I asked Brittany what colors she had in mind for the nursery. And then I went crazy buying half-yards. Brittany is an artist, so when she has a vision, I take note. As I put their baby quilt together, I took lots of photos to document the process.

First, I cut strips and triangles. I did not cut my finger this time. hooray!

The strips were sewn together, and then those were cut into triangles. The triangles were sewn together to make squares. And then all were laid out on my clean (?) floor.

Those squares became rows and those rows became a rectangle. I threw a couple borders on that rectangle, and the top was done! Now on to the actual quilting.

I try to stay away from spray adhesive when making baby quilts. Call me overly-worried (just not to my face.) But really, I was the kindof pregnant lady who didn't wear nail polish because I didn't know what chemicals could affect the babe.  I think the fewer chemicals the better in regards to anything that might come in contact with the littles. So... to sandwich this quilt, I pinned. Lots of little pins held the front to the batting to the back.

I quilted in straight lines and then added my binding and voila! Another quilt under the belt!

If there is anyone who is going to be an amazing mother to this new little one, it's Brittany. I hope this quilt sets the backdrop for lots of happy naps and warm picnics and tummy times.  So even though after her baby shower Brittany will fly back down south again, my prayers for her beautiful family will stay with this quilt.