One quilt. Two quilts? Two-in-one quilt?

I made the top first - and don't worry, no quilts were harmed in the photographing of this baby - but couldn't for the life of me figure out the back situation.

I had the hardest time deciding on a color for the back. One minute I'd think, "Plum!" The next minute it'd be, "Mint!" Then, I'd see the top and say, "It's gotta be eggplant!"

Then I realized I was hungry and got a snack.

And as always, snacking was the right choice. Because it hit me, "Why do I have to choose?" (This, by the way, is what my grandpa would always say when someone gave him the choice between a piece of pie or a brownie. Smart man, my grandpa.)

I decided the back would have to be plum and mint and eggplant and blackberry and grape, too. And now I almost like the back even more than the top. Two quilts in one, people.

Start lounging with it one way and then flip it over and you've got a whole new situation.

This Modern Reversible Geometric Quilt is up on Etsy - get it before it's gone.

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