I really like quilts. I like snuggling with quilts and creating quilts and thinking about quilts. I often fall asleep thinking about quilts. (Do I have a problem? Are there self-help books for people who have quilting addictions?)

And I also like designing quilts - though I don't do it often. A lot of times the quilts I make are designed by other quilters. Patterns aren't really my thing, so I like the challenge of seeing a quilt I like, figuring out how the artist made it, and then recreating it with my own fabrics. But THIS quilt I designed MYSELF.


I started with four half-square triangles of each print, then paired each of those with a natural-colored half-square triangle to form squares. I tried lots of different patterns with those, presented a public opinion poll, and settled on this pattern. With a little border-adding, quilting, and binding, this quilt was finished. I'm quite proud of it.

I want this quilt to be loved for a long time. If you need some quilty-lovin, snatch this baby up before its gone.