This quilt makes me want to go camping. Maybe it's because the grey April Rhodes survey fabric features trees and birds, or maybe it's the brown fabric that reminds me of fall. Or maybe it's just because I'm realizing summer is over and I didn't go camping. Waaaa! Sniff sniff...

I'm calling this guy the "Campy Quilt."

I needed a design wall to complete the piecing process, so I set up the jankiest one ever with duct tape and batting. Keeping that dang design wall up proved almost more difficult than making the actual quilt! It fell down no less than three times, scattering my half-square triangle pieces all over our living room. I may have stomped my feet like a toddler. I may have cursed aloud. Not my proudest moment.

But once the top was complete, it felt glorious. Look at those colors!

This Campy Quilt is one of my favorites - if not the favorite quilt I've made. I love the pattern and the colors and the overall joyful autumny feel this quilt gives.


Update: The Campy Quilt has found a happy home in Michigan with a nurse and her husband and their incoming baby boy. It will keep that little babyman warm in the cold Michigan winter. Hooray!