Welcome to my site. My name is Laura; I am so honored you're here.

I live with my husband and our super sweet baby in the Chicago-area. I've always been a maker of things, but now I get to live the dream of making "making" a job. My mom likes to recall that when I was a baby, she and my dad would say to each other, "Just put something in Laura's hands, and then she will be happy." Indeed, all is right in my world when I have a sewing needle or a bolt of fabric in my hands. So, I make and I sell and I make some more.

I'd like to make something for you, too, if I can.


Some pricing info for various sizes of custom quilts might be helpful:

Baby quilt .................. $ 200

Lap/throw quilt ......... $ 300

Twin-sized quilt ........ $ 400

Extra long twin quilt . $ 450

Queen-sized quilt ..... $ 600

King-sized quilt ........ $ 800